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At E.P.C. we believe Every. Practice. Counts.

This was our dad’s motto and the reason behind our name. After his passing in 2021, we wanted to share our family’s passion for sports as well as maintain our dad’s legacy.

By opening our doors in 2022, we succeeded in doing both with one goal in mind: to help every young athlete in our community reach their potential one practice at a time.

By offering a well-maintained, state-of-the-art indoor facility, athletes of all ages have the opportunity to perfect their skills and mechanics. We provide everything a player needs to grow their skills from hitting/pitching tunnels and training,

to the latest technology aimed at working on fundamentals. Whether players come to practice with a trainer, their team, a coach, or solo, we have what they need to excel at their sport.

When players walk through our doors, they aren’t just using our facilities, they’re sharing our love for the game and becoming a part of a long-held family tradition.

In memory of Coach “Rodney Pete,”

Welcome to our family...
Welcome to our team...
Welcome to PRACTICE.

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