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Baseball & Softball Lessons

We are happy to offer a variety of private 1:1, small group (2-4 players), and team lesson options that can be tailored to the skill level and goals of each player.


Our team of qualified coaches teach hitting and fielding for all ages, as well as specialty lessons for pitching and catching. Each private lesson is 1-hour in length, which allows for the coach to work on several techniques and mechanics over the course of the lesson. Small group and team lessons are customized based on the number of players. 


Lessons can include any combination of hitting and fielding, based on player preferences. For example, a lesson can be split between 30-minutes of fielding and 30-minutes of hitting.

We also offer the option to integrate HitTrax into each lesson so players can track various metrics and improvements. 

Please contact us directly to book your lesson needs. 

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